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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Bob Dylan: Always drawn to spiritual songs

The AARP Magazine has an excellent extensive interview with Bob Dylan in which he talks about his new album Shadows in the Night, discusses his influences, 'explores his creative process and offers his insights on songwriting, performing, recording, and the creative destruction unleashed by rock and roll.'  

“I’ve always been drawn to spiritual songs,” he told Robert Love. “In ‘Amazing Grace,’ that line — ‘that saved a wretch like me ’— isn’t that something we could all say if we were honest enough?”'

Love writes, 'You may be struck, as I was time and again, at just how powerful a force music has played in Dylan’s life. At various times he was hypnotized, spellbound, lifted, knocked out by what he’d heard. Listening to the Staple Singers for the first time at 14, he said, he couldn’t sleep that night. “It just went through me like my body was invisible.”'


Bob Dylan - Stay With Me.

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