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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Airbrushed from Art History: An update

The revised index to my 'Airbrushed from Art History' series of posts is as follows:
1 - Introduction I
2 - Introduction II
3 - Traces du Sacré
4 - Symbolism I
5 - Gauguin and Bernard
6 - Vincent Van Gogh
7 - Maurice Denis
8 - Symbolism II
9 - Jacques Maritain
10 - Albert Gleizes
11 - Sérusier, Severini and Gleizes
12 - Couturier, Régamey, Bell and Hussey
12a - Victor Kenna, Moelwyn Merchant and Bernard Walke
12b - Graham Sutherland and Jacques Maritain
13 - Expressionism I
14 - Expressionism II
15 - Reconciliatory art
16 - Australia and Poland
17 - Abstract art
18 - Ireland and Malta
19 - Divisionism and Futurism
20 - Contemporary artists
21 - Africa and Asia
22 - Icons
23 - Wallspace
24 - Albert Houthuesen
25 - Stained Glass
26 - Self-Taught artists
27 - Conclusion

Additions to the series and related posts are as follows:

Airbrushed from Art History: Peter Fuller
Airbrushed from Art History: Polish Painters in Post-War Britain
Beyond Airbrushed from Art History 1 - Dean, Fujimura, Reinhardt and Emin
Beyond Airbrushed from Art History 2 - Walter Navratil
Beyond Airbrushed from Art History 3 - Caribbean and South African Art
Beyond Airbrushed from Art History 4 - Daniel Siedell
Beyond Airbrushed from Art History 5 - Marcus Reichert
Beyond Airbrushed from Art History 6 - Lord Harries on Christian Faith and Modern Art
Beyond Airbrushed from Art History 7 - Coptic Art and Mexican Retablos
Beyond Airbrushed from Art History 8 - The Pilgrim Project
Beyond Airbrushed from Art History 9 - Christof Schlingensief
Beyond Airbrushed from Art History 10 - Indian Art
Anselm Keifer: Il Mistero delle Cattedrali
Anselm Kiefer: Il Mistero delle Cattedrali (2)
ArtWay Meditation: Reto Scheiber
Being in the World: Charles Lutyens
British Design 1948 - 2012 and 1948 Olympians
Commission: contemporary art in British Churches
Clay as Earth and Flesh - Stephen de Staebler
Emil Nolde: Inner religious feeling
Forsaken: Marlene Dumas
Howson does not shy away from the role that Christianity plays in his work
Is the Art world anti-Christian?
John Piper and the Church
McCahon, Baxter and Hayman
McCahon, Baxter and Hayman (2)
Moreau, Rouault and Chagall in Paris
On the Strange Place of Religion in Contemporary Art
Reaching Beyond - Smith and Moore
Seeing in new and different ways - John Dillenberger
Spirituality in Contemporary Art
When was the last time you saw an explicitly religious work of contemporary art?
William Congdon - The Sabbath of History
Cocteau Chapel: Notre Dame de Jerusalem
Matisse Chapel: Chapelle du Rosaire Vence
Musée National Marc Chagall
Notre Dame de France and the murals of Jean Cocteau


Bill Fay - Be Not So Fearful.

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