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Monday, 28 January 2013

Faith-based service providers - the ‘social glue’ that holds Britain together

The following comes from FaithAction:

"The public policy think tank Demos published a report entitled ‘Faithful Providers’, as part of the Demos Inquiry into Faith, Community and Society. The report finds that local authorities can benefit greatly from including faith-based groups in service delivery, and that there is little evidence to justify commonly-held fears of religious discrimination or proselytization. The report highlights the ‘holistic’ approach which is characteristic of faith-based organisations and the added social value that charitable and faith providers bring to service delivery.

In an accompanying statement, the author of the report said that “faith-based service providers are often long-standing pillars in their communities and the ‘social glue’ that holds Britain together”, and urges local authorities to support the commissioning of services to religious providers."


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