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Saturday, 1 July 2017

The 95: Notes on Life & Love, Faith & Doubt

The 95: Notes on Life & Love, Faith & Doubt is a book by Martin Wroe and Malcolm Doney which is to published early next year by Unbound

Wroe and Doney are 'calling it The 95 because 500 years ago, an obscure German monk called Martin Luther came up with his own 95 notes, which he nailed to a church door in Wittenberg. It caused pandemonium at the time but they’re looking pretty tired now. So, they figured it might be time for another 95.

They have devised these by taking the best ideas of poets and songwriters, activists and artists, from people with faith, and people without while adding some of their own. Clues and pointers, rather than terms and conditions.

Church Times currently features a sample selection of the 95 clues and pointers they’ve come up with about how we might try to live well in this beautiful but baffling world. Wroe and Doney state that:

'Our experience tells us that most people are shy of certainty, suspi­cious of authority. But they retain a longing for some deeper, richer narrative by which they might navig­­ate their days. They’re inveter­ately curious, and open to ideas. They haven’t closed the door on life’s strange mystery. How the big mo­­ments — the birth of a child, say, or the death of a friend — can leave us wondering about how to live in the small moments: how to forgive someone. If love is worth it. Why people pray.

So we figured it might be time for another 95, for these people. Our book couldn’t be called a “theses”, though — we haven’t nailed any­thing down, and an indulgence these days is more likely to be eating a cream cake in the middle of Lent. It’s rather a set of field notes for living a good life which leans on the wisdom of others: artists and activ­ists, poets and songwriters, thinkers and dreamers. Some of them are ancient, some still have acne. Some of them have faith, and others don’t.'


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