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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Artlyst article: Polish Art In Britain

My latest article for Artlyst focuses on Art Out of the Bloodlands: A Century of Polish Artists in Britain at the Ben Uri Gallery. This exhibition explores the contribution made by the largest migrant community to 20th/21st Century British Art by highlighting the work of Polish artists who have worked and continue to work in Britain. Featured artists include Jankel Adler, Janina Baranowska, Marian Bohusz-Szyszko, Stanislaw Frenkiel, Feliks Topolski and Alfred Wolmark, complemented by contemporary practitioners working in London now. Many of the featured works retain symbols of Polish national identity, from Catholicism and the cavalry, to the dark forests and traditional embroidery.

In the article I say that:

"Exile and rejection are themes with deep biblical roots and as significant numbers of Polish artists, in reaction and response, have been influenced by Roman Catholicism; it comes as no surprise to find such themes among their work and featuring in this exhibition. Bohusz-Szyszko and other exiled Polish artists such as Baranowska, Frenkiel, Adam Kossowski, Henryk Gotlib, Marek Zulawski, and Aleksander Zyw were part of a consistent but under-recognised strand of artists’ employing sacred themes which runs throughout the 20th century in the UK."

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