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Saturday, 22 October 2016

ArtWay Visual Meditation: Albert Servaes

My latest Visual Meditation for ArtWay concerns three stained glass windows by Albert Servaes in the Church of the Holy Family in Woluwé-Saint-Lambert, a district of Brussels

I greatly enjoyed my visit to the Church of the Holy Family, with its welcoming worship and congregation, in August. The bright and busy pair of East windows provide colourful focus for the space, although they lack clarity in the content of their imagery, while the contemplative West window provides a creative turn away from the colour and clamour of the central lights.

In the meditation I write: 'In contrast to the minimal figural focus of Servaes’ Luithagen Stations, these are busy designs filled with figures and faces. The colours and contrasts are generally brighter than is usual within the work of Servaes and, despite the themes which include expulsion and judgement, the look and feel of the work has less of the anguish and strain that characterises much of Servaes’ oeuvre.'

My other ArtWay meditations include work by María Inés Aguirre, Marian Bohusz-Szyszko, Christopher Clack, Marlene Dumas, Antoni Gaudi, Maciej Hoffman, Giacomo Manzù, Maurice Novarina, Ana Maria Pacheco, John Piper, and Henry Shelton.


Julie Miller - All My Tears.

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