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Friday, 16 May 2014

Pole Position article

Artway have just published an article I have written about Pole Position, an exhibition celebrating the work of Polish artists living and working in the UK throughout the 20th century. The article ends by focusing on Marian Bohusz-Szysko's Christ Crowned with Thorns: "Colour here is both violent and vibrant, as befits a world-changing event which is both suffering and salvation."

Bohusz-Szysko's is a story which deserves retelling, his work retains its power and vision and his contribution to the image and reality of hospices as landscaped, art-filled, home-like havens remains a significant contribution to have made not just to art but healthcare. ArtWay also have an earlier piece from me written following a visit to St Christopher's Hospice, the major collection of Bohusz-Szysko's work in the UK.


Arnold Schoenberg - Moses Und Aron.

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