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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Discussing leadership with Year 3 children

On Tuesday I was interviewed by Year 3 children at Aldborough E-Act Free School as part of their project about leaders. This is how I tried to introduce my role:

"My role is to be the Vicar of St John’s Church in Seven Kings. That means that I lead a group of Christians who believe that Jesus Christ is God and who are trying to follow the teachings and example of Jesus by serving others. 

My role is to help them do this in two ways. The first is to encourage them in their faith. To gather them together for Church services where we pray to God, sing worship songs, read from the Bible and talk about the meaning of what we read. Getting together like this encourages people to do these same things - pray, worship and the read the Bible - when they are not at Church. 

The second part of my role is encourage people to serve others. At St John’s we do this in three main ways. First, we let groups in the community use our building for things like dance, karate, maths, yoga, singing as well as for groups like playgroup, lunch club and brownies. Second, we organise activities and groups ourselves. We have a Pram Club for children under two, a Contact Centre for children whose parents have separated and a project helping people set up new businesses. Third, we get involved in local campaigns to improve the area. So, we helped get a new library for Seven Kings and to re-open the toilets in Seven Kings Park. At the moment we are helping try to lifts installed at Newbury Park Station and to keep the A&E Department at King George Hospital. 

St John’s is part of the Church of England, which is the national church. The Church of England is there for everyone in the country, not just those who are Christians or who come to Church. 


Graham Kendrick - The Servant King.

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