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Friday, 16 May 2014

Enterprise Club

Ros Southern writes:

"I made a mistake last week about the speaker!  I am delighted to say that Nigel Camp of Devilboy Productions is our speaker this coming Tuesday at 2pm.  Come along, hear general business tips, find out easy ways to use video to promote your business, meet others who can help you develop your start up business.

We are running an exciting enterprise zone at the Redbridge Green Fair on Sunday 25th May.  Read about it here.

The Redbridge Chamber of Commerce business breakfast is on Tuesday 20th at 7.30 at Redbridge College. Sophia Hubs starts ups have been given free year's membership.  If you want to attend, let me know.  I am going plus others.  It's £10 for the breakfast.  It's a great place for networking and we are grateful to the Chamber for this.

We are launching the Seven Kings timebank at the Green FairIf you want to have a go at signing up now, it will help us.  This is all very new and we are finding our way so please do be patient! Let me know if you encounter any problems.  We are very excited by what the timebank can do for the community and our businesses."


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