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Monday, 11 March 2019

Artlyst: Curating Spiritual Sensibilities In Changing Times

In my latest article for Artlyst I report on a day (19 February) spent visiting exhibitions in London that demonstrate the breadth of curatorial approaches to art and spirituality; approaches that are expanding and are becoming normative.

In the article I argue that:

'These exhibitions offer a breadth of curatorial approaches to the exploration of interactions between art and spirituality: retrospectives that engage with the religious questions and spiritual issues raised by the artists themselves; historical surveys that recognise the part that faith played within the diverse range of work created in a specific period or by a certain group; empathetic documentary reportage of faith communities; exploration of worldview themes in the work of linked artists; and installations that create space for immersion, improvisation and contemplation. The combination of all these on one day of exhibition viewing represents a major shift in contemporary sensibilities.'

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