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Sunday, 21 January 2018

George Musgrave: Journeys of St Paul

St Paul Comes to Ilford is an exhibition and events based around 25 paintings of the life and journeys of St Paul, painted by the artist George Musgrave. They will be on display at Vine Church from Tuesday 20th February until Sunday 18th March. A special preview day will be held on Wednesday 21st February from 9 am to 3.00pm with guided tours of the paintings at 11.00 am and 1.30 pm. Stay for light lunch, refreshments and informal discussions and reflective activities from 12.-1.30. Open for anyone interested to attend. 

On 5 Tuesday evenings at 7.30 pm during Lent, starting Tuesday 20th February, there will also be a bible study series based on the life of St Paul, making use of the paintings. You are also welcome to attend any of these bible studies. It may be helpful to let the organisers know if you are coming. For more information you can contact:; tel: 079986988 /02070417194. The venue will be Vine URC, Riches Road entrance, Ilford IG1 1JH There is limited car parking (available in special cases) – contact Dulcie on 0208 514 2478. 

This selection of paintings are about the life and journeys of St Paul. They show aspects of Paul’s life from his birth in Tarsus, his persecution of Christians in Jerusalem, his conversion on the road to Damascus and his subsequent life experiences as a missionary in Asia and Europe, including imprisonments , floggings, preaching, appearing before governors, baptising people, being shipwrecked and his final execution in Rome. 

The artist George Musgrave (1915 - 2012) painted these pictures over a 20 year period from the 1980’s onwards and displayed them in his museum in Eastbourne until his death. He researched the paintings thoroughly through his travels in the Mediterranean. He trained in an art school in the 1930s, became a congregational minister and missionary before becoming a toy manufacturer. Now two of his sons have decided it’s time that St Paul comes to London for a visit. You can see a preview of the paintings on this link, which also show how they were used in Eastbourne last October -

Then the paintings will be displayed in Central London, at the Meditatio Centre, St Marks, Middleton Square, which is 15 minutes walk from Kings Cross and near Angel Islington from about 22nd March until end of April. There will be a special preview of the paintings there on Saturday 24th March in Islington. If you look at the Link to the 2018 Meditatio Programme, you will see that page 4 advertises the preview event on Saturday 24th March from 5-7 pm -


Pierce Pettis - St Paul's Song.

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