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Sunday, 22 February 2015

First Light: A Passion Play for Hertford

"First light. Here it comes. Tomorrow."

Yesh has come to the city to complete his mission of the last three years. But the authorities have him in their sights and one of his friends has different plans for him. There's just time for a last takeaway curry before Yesh must face what he has come to do.

First Light is a new Passion Play by Hertford playwright Kate Miller, a fresh re-imagining of the events of Easter from a modern perspective. Directed by National Theatre actor Trevor Michael Georges, it brings together a 2000-year-old story with the dreams, fears and struggles of 21st-Century Britain.

With a cast of professional actors and Hertford people, and featuring original music created by Hertford musicians, First Light offers an engaging, and at times surprising, look at the last days of Jesus' life.

First Light will be performed at St Andrew's Church during Holy Week. Performances will be on:
Good Friday (3 April) 7.30pm and Holy Saturday (4 April) 2.30pm & 7.30pm. Tickets on sale soon.

'First Light': A Passion Play for Hertford by Kate Miller. Directed by Trevor Michael Georges. Music by Harold Chaplin, Katie Seaton and Maria Henriksson-Bell. Suitable for people of all faiths or none. Age 8+.


Peter Gabriel - The Feeling Begins.

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