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Saturday, 13 September 2014

Sophia Hub update

Ros Southern writes:

"Firstly there is a fabulous pilot business hub on the top floor of the Exchange in Ilford in the month of October and Sophia Hubs, Seven Kings, is a partner. This has been spearheaded by Work Redbridge and Vision with other partners including Chamber of Commerce, Redbridge Insitute, Redbridge College and the Volunteer Centre. Tuesday is Sophia Hubs day! We will run our lunch time enterprise club there plus offer a range of taster sessions and promotinal opportunities for our start-ups. More information here.

Our first anniversary celebration event on Tuesday 30th September is also an important date for your diaries. We will bring together the start-ups we have been working with, the business community and speakers that have been supporting us and community/faith groups. There will be rich conversation, important networking and a time to reflect on the needs of the community. 5.45 - 8.30. Flyer here - please pass on.

Our enterprise club speaker on Tuesday next week (16th September) will be Keith Young of Ilford Recycles. This is a project that brings in most income through trading but also relies on grant funding. Keith will share his knowledge gained from 1 year of operation, his problems of getting organised with paper work and finding premises. Photo and more info here.

Thanks so much to our speaker this week - Atacan Mercer - whose advice was to keep a beginners mind. A very successful design start-up which was inspiring to hear about and helpful. Followed by networking as always and more deals were brokered! Photo and info here

Timebank update: There are 40 people registered and lots of interest. 17 hours have been officially traded but it is taking a while to sort out quick and effective registration and following up of references. It will be a vibrant economy very soon. Thank you for your patience and interest.

And finally, the first big delivery of re-used paint has gone to .... Parkside Community Association. This is part of a partnership with Forest Recycling Project in Waltham Forest to promote recycling and kick start green businesses in Redbridge. There's lots more free paint going. Please contact me or or find out more information here."


Jon Foreman - Broken From The Start.

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