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Friday, 18 June 2021

Church Times: ‘Call to Holy Ground’ at St Andrew’s, Leytonstone

My latest review for Church Times is about Call to Holy Ground, an exploration of nature, sanctuary and belief, comprising installations in a church and temple, a sound pilgrimage through the fringes of Epping Forest, and a video work:

'Within the works, there is a subtle and sensitive interweaving of symbols and rituals, not a merging or blurring of faith and practice. This is art as meeting place, and as estuary, becoming a breeding ground for ideas and improvisation. The project has formed a bridge (built on existing relations between the communities) between faiths, generations, and spiritual and ecological practices for those involved, and now creates a pilgrimage for those who come through the elements, with participants and artists, exploring the sacred essence of ground that is both common and holy together with its connection to our inner landscape.'

Other of my pieces for Church Times can be found here.


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