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Saturday, 24 March 2018

'Striking', 'intriguing', 'uplifting', 'interesting'

  • A useful lesson for my 'A' level art history students
  • Striking exhibition
  • Extraordinary place for an extraordinarily broad-minded, human and thought-provoking exhibition
  • Stations of the Cross are an inspiration
  • Very spiritually uplifting
  • Fabulous exhibition
  • Brilliant show
  • Intriguing show. Well done - the church should reach out to current artists more often
  • Very good, interesting
  • Not impressed by stormtrooper
These are the comments made in the Visitor Book at St Stephen Walbrook during Art Below's Stations of the Cross exhibition

While most people attending did't record comments, those that have demonstrate that the Great British Public is more accepting and unfazed by the supposedly controversial than those who make it their job to stir up such controversy in their constant competition for readers, clicks, listeners etc.  


Bob Dylan - Disease of Conceit.

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