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Friday, 15 November 2013

Anne Creasey: A mystic's métier

Anne Creasey is a multi-talented artist who has worked with great skill in a variety of media including textiles. She has, I believe, recently found her true mystical métier in a new style of painting which is expressive of the interconnectivity of reality. Siloam (above) is an early example of her new style which can be seen, along with a second new work, in commission4mission's Inspire: art as spiritual exploration exhibition at St Stephen Walbrook from 18th - 29th November.

I visited Anne today to collect her work for the exhibition. Although brief today, visiting Anne is always a source of real pleasure and insight because of her open discussion of her spiritual experience. She speaks of being released into this new phase of her work. There is a sense of flow within these new compositions as in her ability to realize the linkages within these interconnected images. As Van Morrison once sang, she ventures in the slipstream between the viaducts of her dream.


John Tavener - Ikon Of Light

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