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Saturday, 28 January 2017

Latest ArtWay visual meditation

For my latest Visual Meditation for ArtWay I reflect on the theme of light seen through cracks using the recent commission of candle holders for St Martin-in-the-Fields undertaken by Giampaolo Babetto:

"He says that in his work he is seeking to ‘find a form that you think will become a jewel.’ He says also that his work ‘is not made of appearances’ and that he would ‘like it to be something that comes from the inside, that expresses an inwardness.’ That aim has perhaps never been better realised than with these delicately material candleholders from which the light shines out through the crack of a cross."

An article giving more information about the art of St Martin's, including the Babetto commission, can be found at

My other ArtWay meditations include work by María Inés Aguirre, Marian Bohusz-Szyszko, Christopher Clack, Marlene Dumas, Terry FfyffeAntoni Gaudi, Maciej Hoffman, Giacomo Manzù, Maurice Novarina, Ana Maria Pacheco, John Piper, Albert Servaes and Henry Shelton.


Maria McKee - A Good Heart.

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