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Sunday, 12 June 2016

Christianity and literature

Following on from my recent post on American Catholic poets & writers I thought it would be worthwhile bringing together links to posts on this blog which explore the links between Christianity and literature.

My ‘Airbrushed from art history’ series surveys the Christian contribution to the Visual Arts which is broad and significant but is far from having been comprehensively documented. My co-authored book The Secret Chord explored aspects of the interplay between faith and music (and the Arts, more broadly). I have also posted an outline summary of the Christian contribution to rock and pop music

To explore the contribution made by Christianity to the Arts is important because the story of modern and contemporary Arts is often told primarily as a secular story. To redress this imbalance has significance in: encouraging support for those who explore aspects of Christianity in and through the Arts; providing role models for emerging artists who are Christians; and enabling appreciation of the nourishment and haunting which can be had by acknowledging the contribution which Christianity has made to the Arts.

My key literature posts are:

Michael McDermott - The Great American Novel.

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