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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Real world environments overlaid with digital information

At St Stephen Walbrook we are working with Daniel Bourke, an artist who creates photo-realistic virtual tours of buildings. Daniel is creating a digital model of the church using a game engine to build and recreate the environment of the church in a photo realistic fashion. His virtual model of the church will enable us to show art online in the context of the church.

Daniel describes his work as follows:

"My work is about the fluid boundary between the digital and real. Where real world environments can be overlaid with digital information and manipulation and change the relationship which we have with the real. It is my intention to explore this relationship through paint and to resolve these issues in the realm of fine art. I begin most of my work in photoshop where I stitch together digital images, QR code, blocks of colour as well as photographs that I have taken. This process allows me to have much more control of my compositions and allows me to move elements of the painting around on a fluid and instinctive level. Once I am happy with my composition I take my work into painting. Oil paint gives me the opportunity to have a much more personal relationship to my paintings I really believe in the poetry of the marks that can be made on the canvas with oil paint. Despite my work being about the contemporary experience of technology I am inspired by a range of different artists from a range of different eras. For instance the way I build up the layers in my work is heavily influence by my study of the Flemish old masters at the same time I am influenced by the way contemporary artists such as Benjamin Edwards utilize code and technological symbols in their work."


Moby - In This World.

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