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Friday, 6 November 2015

Kings Place: Lynn Chadwick, Geoffrey Clarke & Greg Tricker

Kings Place currently has two fascinating exhibitions to view. First, Pangolin London is presenting "the works of Lynn Chadwick (1914–2003) and Geoffrey Clarke (1924–2014), two of the greatest modern British sculptors of the 20th Century, together in their exhibition, Conjunction." "The exhibition is the first show to focus exclusively on the prolific careers of these two British sculptural powerhouses."

"Although initially sharing a similar visual language, Clarke and Chadwick’s styles diverged as their careers progressed. Clarke enjoyed many public and ecclesiastical commissions, which stemmed from his work in Coventry Cathedral under Sir Basil Spence. In contrast Chadwick seldom accepted public commissions, and one of the highlights of the exhibition are the maquettes for two of Chadwick’s rare commissions Maquette for R34 1957 and Manchester Sun 1963. Further highlights include both Clarke and Chadwick’s entries to The Unknown Political Prisoner, a worldwide sculpture competition organised by the Institute of Contemporary Arts. Although the competition was won by Reg Butler, both artist’s entries have not been exhibited together since 1953. The exhibition also includes the candlesticks commissioned from Clarke for Coventry Cathedral and a monumental Chadwick has been installed by the canalside at Kings Place."

Second, Piano Nobile is "presenting a collection of paintings, sculpture and stained glass by contemporary artist Greg Tricker, Revelation ~ Sacred Art, Sacred Music explores moments of divine manifestation and the power of visionary illuminations. A series of inspirational figures upon whom Tricker works in cyclical series, such as Maria, Mother of God, John the Divine, St Francis of Assisi, Joan of Arc and Anne Frank, draw us into intimate contemplation, these iconic images become beacons of light and hope.

Tricker's profound and sincere style of work is deeply entwined with the sacred artistic tradition, for which the artist has gained international recognition. Recent series of work have been exhibited at Westminster Cathedral, Gloucester Cathedral, Peterborough Cathedral, Salisbury Cathedral and, most recently, Rhiems Cathedral in 2013.

Revelation ~ Sacred Art, Sacred Music runs in conjunction with a series of performances of John Tavener’s compositions as part of the Minimalism Unwrapped musical programme. Like Tricker, Tavener turned to sacred iconic imagery, believing that when an iconic image is seen with the ‘eye of the heart’ rather than the intellect the icon can speak to something deep within us. His compositions in music could at times be seen as creating an icon through sound.

Tricker and Tavener have both been repeatedly drawn to the presence of the eternal feminine. For Tavener, the Mother of God, the inspiration for such masterpieces as The Protecting Veil, is the ultimate representation of the eternal feminine: nurturing, gentle, noble, generous and divinely beautiful. In Tricker’s work, the eternal feminine is revealed through a legacy of reverent and spiritual women; Maria, Bernadette of Lourdes, St Bride, Joan of Arc and Anne Frank embody for Tricker the pure essence of the eternal feminine. It is through these devout figures that Tricker sounds a visionary trumpet-call in a world in turmoil, his works are icons of light speaking of the innate dignity within each one of us."


John Tavener - The Protecting Veil.

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