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Friday, 2 October 2015

Micah Purnell: In Praise Of Stop

'Micah Purnell is Graphic Designer & Conceptual Artist using both skills to debate contemporary ideology whilst offering a bespoke service to the creative and charity industries.

Purnell has exhibited alongside Turner Prize winner Douglas Gordan and has work included in a Coffee Table book by the famous Italian Benetton designer Oliviero Toscani.

He recently visited The United States to spend time with Time Magazine and New York Times illustrator Anthony Freda and to be interviewed by conceptual artist Steve Lambert at the prestigious Purchase Art College, State University of New York.

He designed Elbow's Mercury and Brit nominated debut album Asleep in the Back and has been commissioned by Pizza Express, the NHS and the Salvation Army amongst others.

Purnell is founder and partner of Print and Paste, a monthly curated outdoor gallery which utilised a space traditionally used for advertising in Manchester. Print and Paste has been featured in numerous international online magazines including Creative Review.'

'Micah Purnell often works to strip down text to a pithy core in order to create a hook that illuminates more complex ideas. Occasionally a few more words add the broader construct of meaning. Sometimes a simple thought can unify an audience yet offer so many variable responses. Much of his work is highly visual and set in a public space such as billboards and fly-posters.' His book These thoughts of ours 'is a delicate portrayal of a broad selection of past and new maxims and proverbs allowing the words to make the pictures.'

In Praise Of Stop is an exhibition of new works by Micah Purnell, commissioned by St James & Emmanuel to explore the theme of Sabbath as Resistance. These works are risographs which explore 'the practice of the fourth commandment in a contemporary age.'


Elbow - Any Day Now.

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