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Sunday, 22 March 2015

Sculpture in Central London

Set amongst London's iconic architectural landmarks, such as the Gherkin by Norman Foster and the Lloyd’s building by Richard Rogers, Sculpture in the City draws visitors into the City transforming the EC3 insurance area. Secret Affair (Silver) by Jim Lambie is one of seven keyhole-shaped portals forged from stainless steel and finished in different colours. The work invites viewers to pass through it, and responds to its environment by creating a free-standing doorway or ‘frame’ in space, and by literally reflecting – through its mirrored silver coating – the area in which it stands.

Stephen Balkenhol's poignant and powerful Couple is located above eye-line at More London and prompts the viewer to look up. Altai Sadikhzade creates his sculptures as if they were multi-dimensional paintings. His work exempli­fies a new discovery of the world through its colourful, self-constructing text, teeming with ‘apparatuses’, hieroglyphs, esoteric epistles, palm trees, anthropomorphic machines, extra-terrestrial ‘guardians’, star observers and people. Mugham (Spring) is located outside St Lawrence Jewry and is part of the Buta Festival.

Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, has said, "As Hans Haacke's take on the equestrian statue trots into Trafalgar Square, it brings another reason for Londoners and tourists to visit this cultural landmark. Gift Horse is a startlingly original comment on the relationship between art and commerce and I hope it will stimulate as much debate as the other works that have appeared on the Fourth Plinth."


Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Let The Day Begin.

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