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Friday, 18 July 2014

Sabbatical art pilgrimage: Poetry

Here are two brief poems which I have written during my sabbatical:


Reading 'Drysalter' before Mass at Aylesford Priory.
Lip-smacking words savoured on tongue,
epiphanic explosion come.

Using the escalator at Tottenham Court Road,
praying a David Adam prayer,
raise us from the depths of despair.

Watching film of a plastic bag dancing on the breeze
for fifteen minutes straight,

beautifully evident benevolence.


Our bodies age, our cells replace continually
without regard to our volition.
We are not who we were.
All is mutability, constant change.

We cannot bear so much reality -
being changed utterly - so build routines,
schedules, repeating patterns of sameness,
to mask our awareness of transition.


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