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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Sabbatical art pilgrimage: Europe - Days 5 - 7

The Swiss stage of the European leg of my Sabbatical art pilgrimage began in Tavennes where l'Eglise Christ-Roi was decorated by members of the Saint Luc Group founded by Alexandre Cingria which worked with Maurice Denus and Gino Severini, among others. See Saint Pierre in Fribourg has wonderful decorations by Gino Severini, including a magnificent mosaic as an altarpiece. See Romont has a local stained glass art trail which includes Collegiale Notre-Dame de  l'Assomption with contemporary and past works. See The town also has a wonderful museum of Swiss stained glass which includes designs and work by the Saint Luc Group as Romont was home to Alexandre Cingria. See While at the museum I discovered that the local Cistercian monastry had commissioned contemporary stained glass for their chapel,  I ended the day with a haunting service of Vespers at l'Abbeye de la Fille Dieu.

I began Saturday by returning to l'Abbeye de la Fille Dieu to photograph the windo2s by Brian Clarke. See Next was another stop on the stained glass trail around Romont, this time the Chapelle de Notre Dame de l'Epine to see windows by Jean Bazaine. See En route to Geneva I stopped at St Nicholas Semsales which has decorations by Gino Severini and Alexandre Cingria, among others. See In Geneva I visited Saint Paul Grange Canal where Maurice Denis was artistic director and where he worked for the first time with some of the artists that would go on to form the Saint Luc Group. See I ended the day at Notre Dame du Bon Secour, a futurist church built by Alberto Sartoris in Lourtier in 1932. Some have seen this church as a precursor to Le Corbusier's chapel at Ronchamp. See

Today began with Mass at the church in Lourtier before then driving to Thonon-les-Bains where I met Marleen Hengelar-Rookmaaker from the ArtWay website, who showed me Basilique Saint-Francois-de-Sales, the last church to be decorated by Maurice Denis. See Marleen also took me to see Notre-Dame du Leman, a church built by Maurice Novarina who played a significant role in the revival of sacred art in France. This was his first church. See

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