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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The Secret Chord: Update

The Secret Chord is now available as a paperback from Amazon, as well as via Lulu. This means that purchase options are now as follows:
The paperback and Kindle versions can found on several international Amazon sites including: United States; Canada; Germany; France; Italy; Spain; Japan; and Brazil.

Even if you do not have an actual Kindle you can download free viewing Apps for PC, Apple Mac, iPad, iPhone and Android devices including smartphones here:

The Secret Chord, co-authored with Peter Banks, is an impassioned study of the role of music in cultural life, written through the prism of Christian belief. Covering a range of musical styles and influences, from gospel music to X Factor, The Secret Chord conveys enthusiasm for music and its transformative powers.

A sample chapter can be read by clicking here, look inside the book by clicking here, reviews can be found by clicking here.


David Peaston, Fontella and Martha Bass - God Has Smiled On Me.

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