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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Column of Light - St Pancras Church

The installation "Column of Light" by Bob Aldous at St Pancras Church sounds fascinating as it has many of the elements - light, water, reflection, the 'beyond' - which feature in my 'Windows on the world' series and which I find attractive and of interest in the work of other artists:

"The installation "Column of Light" by Bob Aldous will be shown at St Pancras Church from the 4th to the 27th January 2013. It is a monumental work, which combines the use of light and water with dramatic effect.

The art of Bob Aldous often uses site-specific interiors, to create artworks that intrigue and draw in the viewer. St Pancras Church is well known for its exhibition space in its Crypt. The design of the church being inspired by the temple of Erectheum on the Acropolis with the caryatid porch and its marble interior. 

"Column of light" uses a symbolic language that makes full use of the interior surroundings.

A column of light rises from the church floor towards the apex of the church. Beneath it a pool of water acts as a mirror. Sometimes still, other times moving, The water reflecting the architecture, the light column and shadows of the viewer that appear to penetrate the stone floor.

The Art Installation is mesmerising and meditative: an illusion that draws us into the still water revealing a presence that appears to emanate from another space or a different time.

Bob Aldous is an artist who often uses narrative to communicate abstract and metaphysical ideas with his audience. His work has an intensity and directness that is both poetic and profound. Details can be seen at"


Sam Phillips - Reflecting Light.

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