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Tuesday, 17 September 2019

St Martin-in-the-Fields, HeartEdge & St Mary the Virgin Cathedral, Johannesburg

The Cathedral of St Mary the Virgin Johannesburg partners with St Martin-in-the-Fields and is a member of the HeartEdge network.

This year Bishop Michael Curry, Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, visited St Mary’s and together with Dean Xolani Dlwati they discussed how aspects of each area of HeartEdge relate to their past and current experience within the church. Watch their conversation here.

St Mary’s became a beacon of God’s compassion and hope during apartheid. This year they held the 43rd Commemoration and Thanksgiving Service for the Soweto Uprising. They continue to offer that same hope, particularly to young people in their society, through the school bursary scheme, launched last year, and their Youth Camp.

They have also reached out to elders and children in need through Mandela Day donations and have run a Wellness Campaign of health screening and talks.

Music has played a vital part in the cultural and spiritual life of the Cathedral. Songs have been sung in protest and hope; as a demonstration of unity and a sign of God’s Spirit. The Cathedral hope to develop and strengthen their musical life over the coming months and years.

St Mary’s is involved in plans to regenerate the local area around the Cathedral and form the Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu Precinct. They aim to create a safe, vibrant area; welcome visitors; and develop their commercial opportunities.

The Cathedral acts as a focus, not only for the life of its own congregation, but many other communities within the Diocese, for example, hosting the Diocesan Mothers’ Union Lady’s Day Service. They are keen to develop their youth work and next year a group of youth leaders will visit St Martin’s for a diverse programme of events.

I'm currently visiting to see the ministry of the Cathedral and other churches firsthand, discuss HeartEdge resources, meet the young people visiting St Martin's next year and preach at their 90th Anniversary celebration service on Sunday. Watch the service live at


HeartEdge interview: Bishop Michael Curry and Dean Xolani Dlwati

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