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Sunday, 30 July 2017

Artlyst interview - Alexander de Cadenet

My latest interview for Artlyst is with Alexander de Cadenet, who will exhibit ‘Creation’ and a selection of ‘Life-Burgers’ at St Stephen Walbrook, where we will also host a conference, organised in partnership with Alex and Watkins Mind Body Spirit Magazine, that will explore the relationship between art and the spiritual dimension. The conference takes words spoken by Eckhart Tolle in an interview with Alex as inspiration, ”True art can play an important part in the awakening of humanity.”

Alex has said that “Being an artist is about having a voice in the world, a pure and authentic voice in a challenging world. It is a way of sharing personal insights and encounters with the world, of exploring the mysteries of our existence and our place in the grand scheme. Art is the intersection between the formless dimension and the world of form; it embodies our connection to nature or the intelligence that is responsible for our existences.”

He has recently founded Awakened Artists; a platform to showcase specially invited artists whose work accesses a deeper spiritual dimension. Awakened Artists is an international community of visual artists who believe that the production of art is a spiritual act and contributes towards the evolving consciousness of those that create it and also those that experience it. 

On the back of these initiatives, I wanted to find out more about his understanding of art as a way of exploring what gives life a deeper meaning and how this has evolved in relation to his own life journey. That is what we explore together in this interview.

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