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Saturday, 18 March 2017

Tim Harrold: Perceptualism

Tim Harrold is an expressive arts graduate with performance art experience gained at Brighton Polytechnic from 1982-5. He has worked as an art tutor in both secondary and further education, and as a community and youth worker using creativity in contemplative installations.

Tim creates assemblage and photomontage by intentionally arranging found objects and words from a variety of sources into serendipitous tableaux. New metaphysical narratives emerge; playful perceptual parables appear; and re-imagined worlds on rediscovered natural materials or in recycled boxes full of unlikely juxtapositions hint at hidden realities.
Tim writes, ‘My work is parabolic and numinous; where the conceptual meets the spiritual there is the “perceptual”.’

Perceptualism – a solo show in Sheffield at 35 Chapel Walk from 2 – 16 April, will be the largest Tim has held outside of south west Essex and London. It will include an installation of his 70 Endeavour poems – each set to music by musician friends – and film by his filmmaker son Jonathan.

In my review of an exhibition by Tim at the Well House Gallery last year I wrote that: 'Perceptualism involves re-combining and reconciling the disparate and disconnected, and Harrold sees this creative action as mirroring God’s love expressed in both creation and salvation. His series of ten photomontages, where fragments of maps are collaged within a heart-shaped mount to which texts of love have been added, is one expression of this perception.'


Jonathan Harrold - The Artists At High House.

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