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Saturday, 4 March 2017

Crucifixions: Francis Bacon - Exhibition hang


We request the pleasure of your company at the Preview of Crucifixions: Francis Bacon on Monday 6th March (6.30pm - 9pm) at St.Stephen Walbrook, 39 Walbrook, London, EC4N 8BN

Art Below will be featuring posters of a selection of drawings by Francis Bacon from 'The Francis Bacon Collection of the drawings donated to Cristiano Lovatelli Ravarino' at stations including St.Paul's, Green Park and Bond Street.

The original Bacon works will be unveiled on Monday evening at St Stephen Walbrook, an Anglican Parish Church rich in heritage, based in the heart of the City of London. The exhibition has been planned to coincide with the beginning of Lent and will run until 31st March.

On show will be a number of drawings, pastels and collages that Francis Bacon donated to his Italian friend Cristiano Lovatelli Ravarino between 1977 and 1992. Many of the works are concerned with the image of crucifixion, often referenced by Francis Bacon in his art to embody life's horror as he could not find a subject as valid to embrace all the nuances of human feelings and behaviours.

Exhibition events
  • Monday 6 March, 5.00pm: Francis Bacon & The Crucifixion - lectures by Edward Lucie-Smith & Revd Jonathan Evens
  • Monday 6 March, 6.30pm: Preview & opening night reception
  • Monday 13 March, 6.30pm: The Crucifixion in modern art & Poetry reading - Revd Jonathan Evens (lecture) & Rupert Loydell (poetry reading)
  • Wednesday 29 March, 7.00pm: concert by Claudio Crismani

Claudio Crismani plays Bartók.

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