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Friday, 17 March 2017


Lalla Essaydi, Bullets Revisited #15, 2012

I AM - Celebrating the rich, diverse and pivotal contribution that Middle Eastern women make to the enduring global quest for harmony and peace

As the world’s attention is focused anew on respecting women’s rights, and while there is an increasing need for developing understanding and encouraging friendship between the faiths and peoples of the Middle East and West, CARAVAN prepares to launch I AM, the 2017/2018 CARAVAN Exhibition of Art. Designed to address stereotypes and challenge misconceptions of the "other”, the I AM exhibition will be a visual celebration of the crucial role that Middle Eastern women play as guardians of peace, celebrating their strengths and rich and diverse contributions in the enduring global quest for a more harmonious and peaceful future.

CARAVAN’s I AM exhibition is being guest curated by Janet Rady, a specialist in Middle Eastern contemporary art, and a selection of 31 acclaimed women artists of Middle Eastern heritage from 12 countries have been invited to participate in this unique East-West peacebuilding exhibition. The I AM exhibition will premiere in Amman, Jordan at the National Gallery of Fine Arts in on May 3, 2017, running through June 14. Following Jordan, I AM will be showcased in London, England at St. Martin-in-the-Fields on Trafalgar Square (July 3-August 20, 2017), and then will subsequently tour North America through the end of 2018, premiering September 2017 in Washington, D.C. at the Katzen Arts Center of the American University.

“I AM” as the title implies a representation of an individual's culture and heritage ― showing the uniqueness of the individual, as well as one’s identity within the community and the world. The phrase “I AM” is also significant to the Abrahamic faiths. The words of divine self-identification, “I AM”, are familiar to Christians and Muslims to represent God/Allah, therefore serving as an interreligious bridge. The phrase “I AM” remind us, regardless of creed, of all being equal and one.

An exciting schedule of programs and events will accompany the I AM exhibition at each venue to stimulate discussion, dialogue and education, promoting further understanding.


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