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Sunday, 6 November 2016

Was Caravaggio a 'good' Christian?

In an article published by Artlyst, I explore the question of whether Caravaggio was a 'good' Christian:

'“What a man! What a painter, but what a man and what a believer.” Those are the words of François Bousquet, Rector of San Luigi dei Francesi in Rome ...

Bousquet makes his assertion in the introductory film to ‘Beyond Caravaggio’ at the National Gallery. They seem somewhat strange words to use of a man of whom, as Andrew Graham-Dixon has noted, “the majority of his recorded acts – apart from those involved in painting – are crimes and misdemeanours.” ...

Clearly, this doesn’t make him a ‘good’ Christian, but it is debatable as to whether any ‘good’ Christians exist, given that the recognition, confession, and forgiveness of sin is central to the faith.

A better question is what makes such a man one of the most significant artists in both art history and Church history ...'


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