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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

One Tree Per Child

One Tree Per Child,’ which held a promotional reception at St Stephen Walbrook tonight, wants to have every child planting one tree as part of a primary school activity. If your school or council wants to get involved, this site will show you how.

‘One Tree Per Child’ is being rolled out in two ways:
  • in the first instance they are rolling out the project in partnership with local councils. Councils who sign up agree to approach the primary schools in their local area. They then assist the primary schools to organise tree planting sites where their children can get to plant one tree each. The date of the planting is whatever day best suits the council and the school. This makes it easier for everyone to get involved.
  • where a school approaches them, they work with them to get their local council involved. This is because the council often has easier access to trees, shrubs, land, tools and people who can help to prepare the tree planting site. This makes tree planting a lot easier for the schools.
In addition to working with councils, they also work with local tree planting groups and community organisations. These organisations can provide invaluable help to schools.

The project has been started by Olivia Newton-John and Jon Dee, the original founders of National Tree Day. Their aim is to get millions of children planting millions of trees.


Donna Summer - MacArthur Park.

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