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Saturday, 26 November 2016

commission4mission's latest newsletter

Victoria Norton has edited commission4mission's latest newsletter which includes information about:
To read the Christmas newsletter click here.

commission4mission will be exhibiting in The Hostry at Norwich Cathedral from 17 April to 30 May 2017. The exhibition will be entitled ‘The Cross’ and will include work by members of commission4mission whose backgrounds include silversmithing, ceramics, stained glass, textiles, graphics, sculpture and painting.

Harvey Bradley who is curating the exhibition writes: ‘Years ago I studied Silversmithing at Art College and still remember the exciting designs that we students produced – mostly never seen outside the college. Using the skills and inspiration of commission4mission members, many of whom have graduated from Art Colleges, I see an opportunity to challenge them to work on this simple commission with the prospect of a prestigious exhibition in Norwich to showcase their skills, talents and ingenuity. I feel sure that this would interest and inspire general visitors to the cathedral as well, as those involved in Art and Design. As a Christian organization we recognise that the symbol of the cross is accessible to both peoples of faith and of no declared faith. It may be of interest to include historical and cultural references: Greek, Latin, Jerusalem, Coptic, notions of Crucifix and ‘empty’‘ crosses within the display.’The cross as a Christian symbol offers a wide range of visual interpretations with many potential commentaries attached to its use. I anticipate that we will create an exhibition that will demonstrate a high quality of design and craftsmanship and give personal insights into what the cross means to the artists. There will be finished work, design concepts and background ideas.

We anticipate that this exhibition will include work by: Hayley Bowen, Harvey Bradley, Irina Bradley, Christopher Clack, Jonathan Evens, Terry Ffyffe, Rob Floyd, Maurizio Galia, Michael Garaway, John Gentry, Clorinda Goodman, Tim Harrold, Anthony Hodgson, Jean Lamb, Mark Lewis, David Millidge, Victoria Norton, Colin Riches, Henry Shelton and Peter Webb. In addition, a church congregation project is being promoted for members of St Marks Church, Oulton Broad, to contribute individual crosses for a large banner to be displayed at this exhibition as well as in their church.

Mark Lewis has booked dates for a commission4mission Retreat on Monday 24 – Tuesday 25 April at the Othona Community in Bradwell-on-Sea. commission4mission artists, members and others are encouraged to take part in an informal retreat that will include artwork, walks and conversation. Othona Bradwell is a place of welcome to people from all walks of life and all ages. For some it is a listening ear or a shoulder to lean on; to others a place of spiritual exploration (with plenty of beautiful coastline as inspiration); to some a place of peace and for others a vibrant social mixture. If you would like to join us on retreat please contact Mark Lewis for further details at

John Gentry has been busy making and exhibiting this autumn and winter: At the beginning of November John exhibited with the Gainsborough's House Print Work Shop Members at the 'Minories Gallery'; Colchester School of Art.There are 4 etchings of his currently on show in Lisa Anderson's Wellhouse Gallery Herndon on the Hill, Stanford-le-Hope, Essex and he is still engaged on ideas for the Norwich Cross C4M exhibition at Easter.

Hayley Bowen is exhibiting in a show called ‘Bah Humbug’ with the KAOS Artist’s Group, at Cass Art in Kingston from Friday 25th November until December 8th. This is an affordable art exhibition with Christmas in mind. All works are for sale and can be taken away immediately after purchase, for convenience. Hayley has two pieces in the show: ‘The Spirit Of Christmas’ – a 20x20cm acrylic painting depicting the spirit of Christmas, this friendly skull is letting us know that even if we bring along little else to the day, it’s purely the spirit of Christmas, and it’s message, that is important. She is also exhibiting ‘Relic’, a 30x40cm acrylic painting.


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