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Saturday, 1 October 2016

Review - Art and the Church: A Fractious Embrace

I have written a review for ArtWay of Jonathan Koestlé-Cate's excellent book, Art and the Church: A Fractious Embrace - Ecclesiastical Encounters with Contemporary Art.

In the review I say that: 'Art and the Church: A Fractious Embrace is a book made for these times, while opening up a broader discussion regarding language and concepts with relevance to encountering contemporary art in ecclesiastical contexts. The book is particularly pertinent because it accurately identifies the revival that is underway in encounters between the Church and contemporary art, while asking probing questions of the direction such encounters are currently taking. Koestlé-Cate’s informed suggestions of new conversation starters mean that this is a book to which those involved in these encounters will frequently return for renewed insight and challenge.'

Koestlé-Cate introduces a range of genuinely innovative and instructive concepts to the discussion of art and the Church, often drawn from his wide-ranging reading in other disciplines. In the spirit of reflection that he invokes, in the review I also suggest consideration be given to several counter-weights to some of the main planks of Koestlé-Cate's argument.


Late, Late Service - Agnus Dei.

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