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Friday, 16 September 2016

God in Fashion

What has God got to do with fashion? In the video above Revd Peterson Feital explores how the Bible references clothing, what God would do differently if He was in charge of London Fashion Week and how Christians working in fashion are brought together through prayer.

Drawing upon his Christian beliefs and own intimate experience of the fashion industry, Simon Ward, formerly CEO of the British Fashion Council, recently launched The Character of Fashion, his powerful new book which investigates what the fashion industry can learn from God in order to change how it views the world and operates.

Some of the themes discussed in the book include not only how people can utilise their faith to better support each other in the workplace and create new and imaginative designs; but also how Christian values can tackle such contemporary and controversial issues as body image, the over-sexualisation of young models and the working conditions of low paid clothing manufacturers.

The first book in a series that has been dubbed ‘Multi-Talented God’, The Character of Fashion was launched at Simon Ward’s local church, St Sepulchre’s in Holborn, to coincide with London Fashion Week, which he had previously organised for many years in his role on the British Fashion Council.

Can faithful shoppers be shoppers of faith? How does religion relate to fashion? Can spirituality have style? Should the fashion industry respond to people who want to express their faith and spirituality through their clothes?

Artscom Centenary Professor of Cultural Studies Professor Reina Lewis, London College of Fashion brings together fashion designers and consumers, bloggers and journalists, educators and entrepreneurs, politicians and activists in a timely appraisal of these issues. With participants from secular and religious communities, Faith and Fashion provides an open forum for discussions about the opportunities - and the challenges - of melding religion with fashion.


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