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Friday, 23 September 2016

Business Harvest Festival

At St Stephen Walbrook we have a tradition that companies in the parish designate someone to bring an object to represent their work and to place it on the altar as a symbol at the beginning of our Business Harvest Festival service.

Businesses and organisations representing the work found in the Parish of St Stephen last year included: Arthur J Gallagher, The City of London Police, The Don Restaurant and ‘Sign of the Don’, Rynda Property Investors, Vestra Wealth LLP, The Friends of the City Churches, U3A, London Internet Church, City of London Corporation, Sir Robert McAlpine, Christian Aid, commission4mission, Walbrook Music Trust, Threadneedle Asset Management, Central London Samaritans, British Arab Commercial Bank and Coq d’Argent, among others.

Among the items placed on the Henry Moore designed altar during 2015’s Service were a PCSO's black bowler, bolts, bronze and glass from local construction sites, paintings and drawings, a variety of reports and brochures, bread, wine and fruit, a hi-vis jacket, and a telephone representing the work of Samaritans.

This year our Business Harvest Festival will be held on Thursday 6th October at 12.45pm. All are welcome.


Benjamin Britten - Jubilate Deo.

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