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Monday, 5 September 2016

British & Norwegian glass artists

Last week I became aware of the work of glass artists Jenny Ayrton, Martin Cheek, Jazz Dixon, Ruth Dupre, Sandy Horton, Emma MackIntosh, Aimee McCulloch, Michael Ray, Annie Ross and Maria Zulueta through London Ablaze, The Glass Sellers’ Great Fire Schools Project.

This week I have become aware of the work of the Norwegian glass artist Astri Vadla Ravnås. Astri writes; "I have always been fascinated by the effect light has on coloured glass. In my studio I am able to realise this fascination using an ancient technique called fusing. This involves melting together several layers of glass that have the colour combination I have designed, before shaping the piece itself."


Pēteris Vasks - Vox Amoris: Fantasy For Violin And Strings.

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