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Friday, 6 May 2016

Review - Recording Britain Now: Society

My latest review for Church Times is of “Recording Britain Now: Society”, the 2015 John Ruskin Prize exhibition:

"[John] Ruskin believed that, to achieve the highest artistic ideals, the artist must understand the God given laws of nature by paying attention to minute details as well as spectacular effects. Accordingly, [Susie] Hamilton, like others in the show, observes from the sidelines, “scrutinising tourists, shoppers, holidaymakers, diners, hen nights and other scenes of leisure”, working quickly to catch particular poses that say “something about human vulnerability and about the pathos of those who process or trudge or consume or travel in the quest for meaning or excitement”.

In this way, her paying attention to minute details results in the poetry and prophecy of which Ruskin spoke. Similarly, Simone Weil believed that to pay attention in this way was prayer. If we see clearly with these artists and this exhibition, then we will be praying, and, when we pay attention to the issue of isolation, which is what they see so clearly, we will be focusing on the very mission of God."


Gregory Porter - Take Me To The Alley.

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