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Friday, 15 April 2016

Post-pop exploration into philosophical and spiritual questions

Unicorn Publishing Group have recently published a monograph on the work of Alexander De Cadenet written by the renowned art historian Edward Lucie-Smith and looking at the evolution of De Cadenet’s work in painting, sculpture and photography over the past 20 years. 

De Cadenet's works are both profound and humorous, as if directed by a mischievous jester spirit. In the book, we see how his art combines exploration into philosophical and spiritual questions, such as the meaning of life & death and the nature of human consciousness, with an idiosyncratic, 'post-pop' aesthetic.

The book was launched last night at the Andipa Gallery where, as part of an exhibition of his works, de Cadenet unveiled the first in a new series of skull portraits featuring King Richard III of England based on the x-rays made of the late monarch following his discovery beneath a car park in Leicester in 2012.

De Cadenet says, "The portraits challenge the traditional facility of art to keep the life/identity of a subject alive in the minds of future generations - as they present a forensic X-ray record of the subject's remains as opposed to a recognisable likeness of their face.

For me, Richard III is one of the ultimate skull portraits and I feel honoured to be able to present him using this concept as he is a part of our country's history."


King's X - Over My Head.

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