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Friday, 25 March 2016

Mini Pilgrimage: Bishop of London & Archbishop of Westminster

Great photographs from the Catholic Church of England and Wales of the St Stephen Walbrook leg of the mini-pilgrimage undertaken by the Bishop of London and Archbishop of Westminster to three stations in the Stations of the Cross 2016 exhibition. Click here to see photographs from their visits to Salvation Army International Headquarters and St Giles Cripplegate.

At St Stephen Walbrook the Cardinal and Bishop viewed 'Lamentation for the Forsaken' by Michael Takeo Magruder speaking with the artist and praying the following prayer: Lord Jesus, enwrapped in death, upon the cloth that bound you was impressed your face, the face of the Son of the living God. Grant us the courage to seek your kingdom amidst the forsaken. Give us the grace to behold your suffering face upon those killed in conflict. May they rise to everlasting life with you who lives and reigns for ever and ever. Amen. Click here to see videos of the visit to St Stephen and the other Stations.


Thomas Dorsey - Take My Hand, Precious Lord.

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