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Monday, 15 February 2016

Grief & Hope: reflecting on the refugee crisis

Grief & Hope: reflecting on the refugee crisis began with Michael Takeo Magruder sharing his interest in working with a range of digital technologies and physical materials to blend new and old, aligning contemporary art and theological study, creating new ways of looking at ancient texts and making them relevant for modern audiences

For Stations of the Cross 2016 he was commissioned to create an artwork for the 13th station, in which Christ’s body is taken down from the cross. His work, Lamentation for the Forsaken, “offers a lamentation not only for the forsaken Christ, but others who have felt his acute pain of abandonment. In particular, he evokes the memory of Syrians who have passed away in the present conflict, weaving their names and images into a contemporary Shroud of Turin”

Dionne Gravesande explained how Christian Aid work with partners in the ACT Alliance and other agencies to support practical and political action to help those fleeing conflicts, and address the longer term issues. Christian Aid urge governments to play a full and constructive role in efforts to find safe routes, and provide adequate support for refugees world-wide. And we appeal to them to meet fully their own international, legal obligations to all those affected, respecting their universal rights and demonstrating care and compassion rather than just being driven by alarmist headlines at home. To support refugees in Europe and to help people in the countries they are fleeing from, please donate to Christian Aid's Refugee Crisis Appeal here.

Revd Richard Carter spoke of the way in which many at St Martin-in-the-Fields have been coming to see, listen and learn more about the people that are very much part of our congregation. They are not “homeless people”, they are people, real people with such gifts to share. At the Sunday International Group which offers welcome and hospitality to foreign nationals facing destitution in London, they have met people from more than 26 different countries and have been enriched by each other. Many people talk about this meeting being the highlight of the week and that includes both guests and hosts. Why? Richard believes it to be because they discover in one another how we all long to belong and the joy of both giving and receiving. It is not an exaggeration to say that in this meeting they discover our humanity.


Michael Takeo Magruder - Apocalypse Now?

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