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Saturday, 5 December 2015

Edwina Bridgeman: Conveying the poetry in the everyday

"Edwina Bridgeman conveys the poetry in the everyday. Her narrative constructions from wood and multifarious found objects bring new life to unwanted things. They highlight the joy of simple delights and the endurance of the human spirit." Her mixed media work is created from found objects. "Celebratory, life-affirming, almost spiritual her narrative work has a 'wise innocence'."

Her Ship of Fools installation at the Victoria Art Gallery in Bath (Nov 2014 - Jan 2015) saw the "ever popular Bath artist turning her attention to a subject that has intrigued her for a long time." Dominating the show was a central installation of a fragile-looking vessel made from cardboard and found objects. The ship invited visitors to interact with it and explore what it felt like to be named a ‘fool.’ The gallery walls were lined with over 100 figures and animals - an audience perhaps, or future passengers waiting on the quay.

"Never one to let negativity triumph, Edwina’s underlying message is one of hope and generosity of spirit. The obvious hand-making of the figures in this exhibition celebrates making as an activity whilst also representing an investment of time and love. Any one of us could be the ‘Fool’, we are all vulnerable, and it is only through thoughtfulness and kindness that we can support and encourage."

"Edwina Bridgeman works widely in the community and in particular as lead artist for Artsparks at the Royal United Hospital in Bath. She lives in Somerset with her family. Her career began in theatre; after taking a Diploma in Technical Theatre Arts she worked for 10 years as a scene painter, latterly at the Bristol Old Vic. Returning to full-time education, she took a BTEC in Art and Design and more recently an MA in Fine Art. Since 1996 she has made sculptures from recycled materials using a process of construction and assembly."


World Party - Ship Of Fools.

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