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Saturday, 5 December 2015

Christmas music - Rusby, Low, Over The Rhine, Peris & Cockburn

The Frost Is All Over is Kate Rusby's brand new Christmas album following on from her two previous offerings, Sweet Bells (2008) and While Mortals Sleep (2011). Some other Christmas albums which are well worth a listen include:

"Low does a rare thing in today's indie-rock milieu by refusing to survive on cynicism and worldliness alone. Whether or not one ascribes to their beliefs, the heartfelt and reverential beauty of their sound and lyrics are perfect for the holiday season. Christmas is a rich treat in a tiny package." (

Blood Oranges in the Snow is Ohio-based folk duo Over The Rhine's third seasonal effort following 1996’s The Darkest Night Of The Year and 2006’s Snow Angels. "The trend isn’t surprising considering Over The Rhine’s husband-and-wife core, Linford Detweiler and Karin Bergquist, so often employ the strings and bells of pristine acoustic folk—tones and styles ideally suited for holiday music. Still, it’s not all “Silent Night.” The group has dubbed their record “Reality Christmas” for exploring what they say are nuanced songs reconciling the joy and peace of Christmas-time with the dangers of a violent world." (Paste Magazine)

Brighter Visions Beam Afar is a quiet instrumental offering of Christmas hymns arranged for solo guitar and gently performed by Don Peris.

‘Christmas’ is Bruce Cockburn’s 1993 holiday release featuring “Silent Night,” “Mary Had A Baby,” and “Down In Yon Forest.”


Over The Rhine - Bethlehem.


James said...

Call it an eccentric choice, but if you're talking Cockburn I'd go with Nothing but a Burning Light's Child of the Wind, which Cockburn wrote on Christmas Eve 1989. It just gets to me somehow...

Jonathan Evens said...

Hadn't thought of that song in a Christmas context before, but I can see the connection. 'Nothing but a Burning Light' also has the wonderful 'Cry of a Tiny Babe'.

Victoria E. Jones said...

I was aware of the Over the Rhine albums but not the others, so thanks so much for sharing! They're all great. To the Over the Rhine list I would add the title track to their album "The Trumpet Child," which is the most evocative song about Christ's two advents I've ever heard. (The album itself is not a Christmas album.)