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Thursday, 24 September 2015

St Stephen Walbrook: Autumn Newsletter

The Autumn Newsletter for St Stephen Walbrook is available by clicking here and features information about new curate Revd Sally Muggeridge, feedback on our Discover & explore and Start:Stop initiatives, news of a programme of events focusing on Philanthropy in the City, details of our Business Harvest Festival, and news of our art and music programmes.

This year’s Business Harvest Festival takes place at St Stephen Walbrook on Wednesday September 30th at 1pm, and will be followed by a Reception.

Traditionally harvest is a time when the country gives thanks for the natural gifts of the land and the safe harvesting of them. We give thanks for that, but in the City of London we also take the opportunity of bringing to the altar symbols of the work we do in our City. It might be hospitality, accounts, commodities, money, building, the wine trade or any of the variety of businesses associated with the wider family of St Stephen Walbrook. By tradition the parish has been a centre for the insurance markets, banking, hospitality, tourism and law. You could add, at this time, the building industry and property developers.

We have a tradition that companies designate someone to bring an object to represent their work and to place it on the altar as a symbol during the service. All are most welcome and we very much hope that you will include your business associates in the invitation and ask you to pass on to them our hope that they might join you for this traditional celebration of harvest with a modern slant.

This is a time of change and at such times it is encouraging to be reminded of the continuity of life and the many blessings we each receive focused on harvest time. The Business harvest includes all aspects of the wider parish of St Stephen and has representations from the City Civic as well as the City of London Police and the Friends of Walbrook.


Barclay James Harvest - Hymn.

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