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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Holland House: Nature and art

I am currently spending the week at Holland House in Cropthorne, Worcestershire on a Diocesan training course.

'Holland House stands in three acres of beautiful gardens alongside the River Avon and is situated in the beautiful Vale of Evesham, an area with a long history of market gardening including some of the best quality apples, plums, pears and, of course, the famous ‘grass’ (asparagus). Since 1946 it has been a Retreat House, offering opportunities for individual and group, day and residential retreats as well as providing a place for a variety of groups to meet and share in discussion and other activities.'

'Holland House boldly states that it seeks to be “in harmony with creation”. This means understanding our place as individuals, groups and human beings in a creation filled with many other kinds of being.

Holland House seeks to provide the space, time and ethos that will facilitate an authentic encounter with self, the other and the Divine – whether on retreat, at a business meeting with colleagues, walking in the gardens, or sitting in quiet meditation.

Being in harmony with creation also means finding harmony with other faith traditions, and in support of this aim Holland House seeks to encourage people from other traditions to use the House and to share the treasures of their own tradition with us.

The vision for Holland House is to increasingly become a place that enables this encounter to take place, whilst remaining rooted in its Christian tradition. By positively inviting people of every faith and none to share their own encounters with the Divine, Holland House actively pursues its stated aim: to discover and promote harmony with all creation.' 'Holland House is committed to working towards a sustainable and environmentally sound future.'

Holland House is also enhanced by a variety of artworks displayed around the building. Work on show includes that of Leonie Marklew Barrett, Graham Clarke and Karolina Lárusdóttir, among others.

Leonie Marklew Barrett is a Christian artist and trained Theatre and Costume Designer. She began painting images with a Christian context and message in 2005 and since has exhibited widely in the UK. Many of her pieces are displayed in places of retreat, hospices, hospitals and in private collections.

'Graham Clarke, artist, author, illustrator and humorist, is one of Britain's most popular and best-selling printmakers. He has created some five hundred images of English rural life and history, of the Bible and of the Englishman's view of Europe.'
'Karolina Lárusdóttir creates a world of her own, with imaginary people in strange situations, often floating, carrying rainbows or being visited by angels. Often Karolina's contemporary paintings contain a wry humour that enhances the surreal and timeless qualities she creates when dealing with her favourite subject - people.'


Jennifer Warnes - Song Of Bernadette.

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