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Friday, 10 July 2015

Update: Sophia Hub Seven Kings

Ros Southern writes:

"We are delighted to have Elaine Hall as speaker at enterprise club on Tuesday who has shut down her start-up business this week! Lots to learn from her. More info click here.

There are a lot of Timebank offers including NLP help on your business, creative writing and fitness training. Click here for info.

Promotion for two start-ups looking for customers! Click here for cheap painting/decorating rates and a great bookkeeper.

There's 3 stall opportunities in next week - for Alborough school you must contact this weekend. Click here for info

We tried out a new format at enterprise club last week and it went well! For info click here

My campaign for independent retailer month is off to a bit of a slow start but see the first photo and please buy something from a local shop this weekend and take a selfie and put on our facebook page! For every £1 spent locally 50p-70p continues to ciruclate locally but only 5p if you use a chain. Info click here

Some of you may be interested in a social enterprise conference to take place in London in October, there is information here,

I am always looking for guest bloggers and happy to advertise local start-up businesses. Please don't hold back!"


Gerald Finzi - Eclogue for Piano and Strings Op. 10.

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