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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

The Map is Not the Territory

Three of the artists participating in "The Bridge" exhibition currently at St Martin-in-the-Fields - Manal Deeb, Helen Zughaib and Mona El Bayoumi - are also exhibiting at the P21 Gallery in an interesting travelling exhibition titled "The Map is Not the Territory".

'“The Map is Not the Territory”, looks at relationships and commonalities in Palestinian, Native American, and Irish experiences of invasion, occupation, and colonization – not as novelty or polemic, but as history and current events. To understand history is the first step toward peace.

Thirty-nine contemporary artists – most of them Palestinian, Native American, and Irish – explore the profound specific and unusual intersections between the three cultures with original paintings, photographs, prints, drawings, artist books, and films. They consider such topics as conflict, resistance, land, food, diaspora, identity, and persistence.'

In an earlier post I highlighted ‘Frayed Ideologies’ at the Hay Hill Gallery which presents the latest paintings by the internationally acclaimed artist Patrick Altes, who also has a work (Hybridity) in "The Bridge", and invites us to consider the struggle to define ourselves, and the process of being human. 

Altes, with other of the artists participating in "The Bridge" - Mohamed Abouelnaga and Sameh Ismael - is represented by Janet Rady Fine Art which shows 'a wide range of cutting edge Contemporary Arab and Iranian artists as well as International artists whose work references the Middle East.'


Rush - Closer To The Heart.

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