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Friday, 26 June 2015

Update: Sophia Hub Seven Kings

Ros Southern writes:

'It would be great to mark Independents Day on 4th July and independent shops. It's probably too late but if you have ideas let me know. Click here for info.

On Tuesday at the enterprise club 30th June we are holding a session to refresh the enterprise club and plan services using your input. Please come! Facilitated by start-up business and experienced project manager Olive Andrews. Click here

Don't forget it's the Chambers breakfast on Tuesday with Cllr Prince. Click here for info

We had a really great enterprise club on Tuesday this week with first tweets, Linked In accounts etc. Click here to read all about it and see the first tweets!

There's a Nat West session at the Wedneday job club on starting your own business. All welcome. click here for info.

We are looking for new venues and ideas for skills swaps and Timebank events. To read about recent ones, click here for the recent community skills swap and here for health farm day.

And please don't forget that I am always looking for guest bloggers and/or good start-up news to share!

Have a good weekend,

Ros Southern
Coordinator, Sophia Hubs Seven Kings
M: 07707 460309 T: 0208 590 2568
T: @sophiahubs7k FB: Sophia Hubs Seven Kings blog:'


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