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Sunday, 21 June 2015

Update: Sophia Hub Seven Kings

Ros Southern writes:

'Hi there,

News that may be of interest for this coming week:

At the enterprise club on Tuesday we are running a practical hands-on social media session and need Timebank help. Please bring your laptops and devices and we will see what we can do to help . Click here for more info and best to book in.

The first Timebank health farm on Wednesday was wonderful. 15 very happy people. Info here, and for a list of local well-being practitioners.

The City Business Library new schedule of free courses is out. Click here for info.

Thanks very much to Jeff Conway of Redbridge Chambers for coming to the enterprise club. See here for his tips.

The Chambers breakfast (to which start-ups can attend without membership fee for 2015) - is a Q & A with Cllr Paul Canal on how Redbridge Council can help businesses and keep local money circulating. Tues 30 June. Info here

Don't forget the ECHO workshops available for businesses on the ECHO Timbank. Info here

Best wishes,

Ros Southern,

Coordinator, Sophia Hubs Seven Kings

M: 07707 460309 T: 0208 590 2568
T: @sophiahubs7k FB: Sophia Hubs Seven Kings blog:
c/o St Johns Church, St Johns Road, Seven Kings, IG2 7BB'


Bob Marley - One Love.

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